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The Great Book of Amber

Cover design for 'The Great Book of Amber'. This book contained all ten of the books in the 'Amber' chronicles created by Roger Zelazny in one large format volume. Publisher: Avon USA.

The Great Book of Amber ( Detail )

A detail from the cover of 'The Great Book of Amber' depicting 'The Palace of Amber'. The mountain of Kolvir is in the background. 'Amber' - 'The one real world, of which all others - including our Earth - are but shadows'...

Knight and Dragon

Cover design for the book 'Years Best Fantasy 2' edited by David G. Hartwell. A collection of short fantastic fiction stories by authors such as Poul Anderson, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Diana Paxson, Thomas M. Disch, Tanith Lee, Ursula K. Le Guin and others. Publisher: Avon USA.


Cover design for the book 'Tarot' by Piers Anthony Published by Grafton UK. This work also features on the cover of the book 'Mirror of Dreams'. The third compilation volume of works by the artist. Publisher: Norma Editorial Spain.

The Light Fantastic

Cover of the book of a collection of short fiction stories titled 'The Light Fantastic' by Alfred Bester. Publisher: Fontana UK. This image was also used for the cover of the first compilation of works by the artist titled 'The Science Fiction and Fantasy World of Tim White'. Originally published by New English Library UK in hardcover.

Critical Threshold

Cover painting for the book 'Critical Threshold' by Brian M. Stableford. A girl runs through an alien forest overcome by fear. Little knowing that this effect is caused by the strange scent the many butterflies emit that abound in the forest. She will come to no harm as nothing dangerous dwells in the forest and the effects wear off with time. Publisher: Hamlyn UK.

Knight of Shadows

A fantasy adventure set in magical realms by Roger Zelazny. Part of the 'Amber' Chronicles. Publisher: Avon USA.


Video Cover design for a film titled 'Nightwish'. A film on a supernatural theme. Publisher: Medusa UK.


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