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Death's Master

A supernatural creature called a 'Drin' awaits the protagonist from the book 'Death's Master' in order to take them to the 'realm of darkness'. From the fantasy book by Tanith Lee. Publisher: Hamlyn UK.

Devil on the Island

A film poster for a French film titled 'Devil on the Island'. Publisher: Images 7 France.

Moreau's Other Island

A place of untold horrors. Where on a remote island a fiendish Dr Moreau carries out experiments with humans to build 'the new man'... Dark science fiction by Brian Aldiss. Publisher: Triad Granada UK.

The Chair

A disused electric chair is haunted by the ghost of a vengeful innocent victim. Residing within the electrical system of the prison the ghost awaits the chance to get revenge on it's executioner. That day comes when the executioner is lured back to the room and the chair is switched on just one last time... Publisher: Medusa UK.

The Entity

The plant detritus and tree root monster created by the Sorceress ( see Picture Gallery page 4 ) returns in the future to create havoc in this second illustration to a supernatural trilogy.


Horrifying and evil monsters to haunt your dreams... A collection of stories by the master of the macabre H P Lovecraft. Published as 'H. P. Lovecraft' Omnibus 3 'The Haunter of the Dark' This volume contained other Lovecraft tales such as 'The Rats in the Walls', 'The Call of Cthulhu', 'Pickman's Model' and 'The Lurking Fear'. Publisher: Granada UK.

Mask of Cthulhu

In a secret cavern hidden beneath a house a hideous monster is fed on innocent victims lured to the dwelling. From the book 'The Mask of Cthulhu' by August Derleth. A collection of stories in the tradition of H P Lovecraft. Publisher: Grafton UK.

New Tales of Cthulhu Mythos

A ghastly nightmare creature is discovered by accident by a young couple. Who would believe their story? Too late for them, a small assassin monster is sent to kill them with it's supernatural venom. From a collection of short stories by H P Lovecraft, Stephen King, Frank Belknap Long, Brian Lumley and others. Edited by Ramsey Campbell. Publisher: Grafton UK.


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