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Trail of Cthulhu

In a large well on a remote South Pacific island a mighty supernatural monster dwells. People are captured and fed to the ever growing entity by the servants of the nightmare creature. From the book 'The Trail of Cthulhu' by August Derleth. A collection of stories inspired by the works of H P Lovecraft. Publisher: Grafton UK.

Windmaster's Bane

Near his family's rural farm lay a track between worlds, where young David Sullivan would become a pawn in the power games of an evil being called the 'Windmaster'... A fantasy novel by Tom Deitz. Publisher: Avon USA.

Tales of Cthulhu Mythos

Tempted into this dimension by the provision of human sacrifices in sinister rites, a ghastly frightful monster is worshipped as a god by it's evil followers. From a collection of short stories by authors including H P Lovecraft, Robert Bloch, Ramsey Campbell, Colin Wilson, Brian Lumley, Robert E. Howard, James Wade and others. Edited by August Derleth. Publisher: Grafton UK.

The 13th Floor

The 13th floor of a city office block is haunted by the tortured soul of an innocent boy cruelly murdered there. The murderer is lured back, but so is his runaway daughter who becomes the supernatural vector of vengeance. From the film 'The 13th Floor'. Publisher: Medusa UK.

On Stranger Tides

An angler lands a strange find. A small bottle with a tiny beautiful girl trapped inside. However, the beautiful girl is only an illusion projected into his mind by the real dweller of the bottle who is a female demon. From the book 'On Stranger Tides' by Tim Powers. Publisher: Harper Collins UK.

Mirror of Dreams Demon

A pen and ink illustration from the book 'Mirror of Dreams' ( Publisher: Norma Editorial Spain ). The counterpart illustration to this one can be found on page 15 of the 'Picture gallery'.

The Left Hand of Darkness

On a world of almost perpetual winter in a distant corner of the galaxy exists a peaceful civilization that has no knowledge of space travel. Then an envoy from space arrives with an invitation to join a coalition of planets... From the novel by Ursula LeGuin. Publisher: Orbit UK.

Fire Pattern

The rare and weird phenomenon of 'spontaneous human combustion' is the theme for the book 'Fire Pattern' by Bob Shaw. Publisher: Granada UK.


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