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Conservatory Foundations

Conservatory Foundations

Getting the support right for your conservatory

Conservatory FoundationsI’m sure that most of us don’t like spending money on what we think are unnecessary items, but one aspect of modern conservatory construction that is becoming popular are ‘ready-made bases’ and unbeknownst to you, if you use one, there could be future problems building up that will appear in the later years and cause big expenses to remedy.

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The foundations of any building are the most important, they not only take a lot of stress from load bearing, but also from the weather elements – heavy rain can undermine them, the drying out of the ground around them can cause them to move or flex and also changes in air and ground temperature can make the foundations shrink and expand.

You may think ‘how much can my foundations shrink or expand?’ but I can assure you that if your foundation become waterlogged and then subsequently very dry, the difference in the two states can cause flexing of the structure above and over the years it will damage the upper structure.

Pay attention to the ‘unseen & unsung’ hero – your foundations!

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