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What is a Large Orangery?

What is a Large Orangery?

Big Conservatory or Large Orangery?

What is a Large Orangery?Is there a difference between a big conservatory and a large Orangery? It seems like a lot of folks think they could be one and the same, but there are a number of differences, which you should be aware of just in case you end up installing one thinking it is the other.What is a Large Orangery?

Orangeries are a totally different design from a conservatory, whether large or small. To help you out a little, here are the biggest differences.

  • a conservatory is usually around 70% glass with an angled roof
  • a conservatory is usually 50% or less glass with a flat roof and a raised glass lantern,

There are a number of other thing that will differential them and you can read about it on this website: